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Isaiah 25:9


Isaiah 25:9

In that day they will say, “Surely this is our God; we trusted in him, and he saved us. This is the LORD, we trusted in him; let us rejoice and be glad in his salvation.”



Praise the Lord

Praise my Infant Jesus

Glory to Jesus!

Lord is my shepherd and he takes care of all my needs.

He waits for us early morning to hear our praises and thanks for all the blessings received till date. He is the king of kings and he is very possessive about his creation. He loves his creation more than anything else in this world and he wants all his creations to praise him every minute. He doesn’t want his creation to praise anyone else than his Name.

He is lord of mercy, kindness and love. Trust him with all his heart like child trusting his or her father.

He walks with you every time and he protects you from all the dangers. He goes before you to set your path right and he always gives best of best to you.

Trust him with all his heart in every situation and seek his wisdom in everything you do. Just like a best friend, you can ask him your doubts, say your problems and he is willing to answer your   all your queries raised to him. He takes care of you just like shepherd taking care of his sheep.

Only expectation is obey him and your heart should be filled with ultimate love   towards him. Talk to him early morning before birds, plants open its eyes.

He wants to see that your first word coming from mouth should be Praises to Him and  Thanking him  for    all the blessings received.

So route map to Gods heart is

  • Sing Praises to him
  • Say Thank you to him
  • Wake up early in the morning before any of his creations opens eyes and talk to him
  • Always your thoughts should be filled   with God’s love
  • Seek his wisdom for each and minute activity of your daily life
  • Spread the gesture of sweetness ,mercy, love and kindness in whomever you interact with

Glory to God!

Praise the Infant Jesus!

Thank you Infant Jesus!



Above mentioned are my  thoughts  only and following thoughts are recorded to  express my gratitude towards my  miraculous infant Jesus”